Summer camps go hi-tech: Students eager to learn robotics and AI during the break

HYDERABAD: Hand painting and creative arts is passé for summer camps as robotics and research oriented programmes have emerged as the new options in the city. Summer camps for school children have undergone a seachange in recent times, moving from basic arts and craft to specialized courses in computer sciences, robotics, aeromodelling etc.

With conclusion of final exams, increasing number of parents are looking forward to engage their wards in summer camps. Research oriented camps have emerged as a major crowd-puller with many parents enrolling their children into programmes that empowers them to solve problems. “ As my daughter has keen interest in Math, we enrolled her in a young CEO programme run by Sciensation wherein she learnt new concepts about Polya Maths, a systematic problem solving process. In Polya Maths, students learn mathematical problems such as binary numeral system through fun based activities,” said Gowri Ravi, a parent.

 There is massive demand for computer based courses with several institutions offering variants into computational thinking programmes. Of them is the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, which is all set to launch its student technology education program (STEP). STEP is a summer certification course for class 7-10 students to inculcate fundamental computationalthinking and problem solving skills.
 “This course is customized to enable school students to learn ‘computational thinking’, whilst developing their problem solving, value judgement, negotiating and analytical skills from an early age. During the course, the student will also be able to work on a project as per their aptitude and interest, using tools, templates and/or computational thinking,” reads the brochure further adding that the last date to apply for STEP is April 23, 2018.
Programmes on learning basics of developing an app, coding, artificial intelligence for students from class 5 to class 10 are also in demand. Apart from this, summer camps on aero modelling where children learn basics of aviation by building fun airplane models are also in demand.

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